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THE NATIONAL SERVICE CORPORATION SOLE (SUMA JKT) . The National Service Corporation Sole (SUMA JKT) is an economic wing of the Tanzania National Service. It was established through the order of the Late President Mwalimu Julius KambarageNyerere in 1982 as empowered by the Corporation Sole (Establishment) Act of 1974 which states, “The primary role of the National Service is to nurture the national youth and engage in economic activities.”

The formation of SUMA JKT therefore was to facilitate the National Service to engage more productively on commercial basis in a diverse of economic activities and sectors including Security, Construction and Engineering, Manufacturing Industries, Fisheries, Agriculture and Livestock Farming, Trade, Hotel and Tourism.In conducting its businesses, SUMA JKT are always expected to focus at realizing profits which when ploughed back, will enable the Corporation to provide, adequate and appropriate funding for the benefit of its people. The law enforcement and military backgrounds of our management form the basis for security solutions. As a Corporation Sole therefore, SUMA JKT has focused to grow this potential arm of business to serve clientele in a diverse range.

SUMA JKT GUARD LTD (SGL). SUMA JKT GUARD LTD (SGL).1a subsidiary of SUMA JKT (Corporation Sole of the National Service) intends to invest extensively in security services. SGL will operate in all demanded market segments in order to provide high quality service with a customer centric philosophy.


To be the leading, most trustworthy, efficient, confident and customer centric Security, Fumigation and Cleaning company in Tanzania


Our mission is to provide a high level of professional protection, Riot control, security, safety, cleaning and fumigation to the people, leaders and properties/premises of Tanzanian. SUMAJKT Guard Ltd recognizes that in order to achieve our mission we must:

  • Recruit and retain the most qualified agents in the company.
  • Provide our agents with a continuing education program that employs the most current technology and protection techniques available.
  • Continually monitor the national and international socio-political environment to develop our services in an efficient manner.

The success of our firm will only be measured by the level of peace of mind that our client‟s experience while under our protection.


SGL‟s core values support the mission statement and are essential to the success of the company. The core values which are embodied in the SGL‟s daily activities are namely.

 Integrity and Prudence:

SGL performs in an honest, ethical, prudent and professional manner in all endeavors.


SGL delivers service of the highest quality that reflects excellence of its operations.  Transparency:

SGL actively promotes the sharing of ideas and information throughout the company and is receptive to new ideas from all quarters. It endeavors to fully disclose all pertinent information to clients and stakeholders in a transparent manner.


SGL encourages creative analysis of procedures and processes and proactively seeks solutions and continuous improvements. SGL will seek to build a working environment where progressive improvement is a way of life.


SGL is responsive, considerate and courteous to all, both within and outside the company. Accountability:

SGL takes ownership and responsibility for all its actions and results at any given time.

Trust and Teamwork:

SGL promotes cooperation and trust at all levels by working with and soliciting the ideas and opinions of all stakeholders. SGL takes an active role, at corporate, departmental and personal levels, to support all its partners and stakeholders.


The principal focuses of SGL are:

Delivery of a broad spectrum of security services:

Guard services, VIP escorts, cash –in-transit escorts, general night surveillance support

 Security Consultancy and Training:

Consultancy to both public and private companies; Risk Analysis; Network and Law enforcement training across the nation, private and corporate security personnel, and other professionals in the field

Security System Installation and Network Management:

Management of “state of the art” security systems which include Access control systems, Intruder Alarms, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Electric fencing etc all being monitored through a Centralized Monitoring System (CMS).

Why fumigate with SGL

Depending on the species of pest, different chemicals may be used to fumigate. Nearly all pesticides used in fumigation are hazardous to humans and animals, though, so it‟s imperative you never attempt to fumigate your property without a licensed extermination professional‟s assistance from SUMAJKT Guard.

The cleanliness of your Premise also reflects on your Company as a whole.

If you haven‟t yet landed a client, it‟s important to make a good impression on them as they visit your work space for the first time. Clutter, dirty dishes, overflowing trash cans, and disorganized desks send a clear message: you‟re overwhelmed or otherwise lacking in professionalism, so as SGL tend to organize cleanliness for your Premises.


SGL provides security services of high technology using reasonable and durable devices for the

sake of ensuring her customer‟s maximum protection. This is turn into reality through utilizing

the full potential of technicians who are well trained and organized.

The company also upgrades the old security system to the current technology, this helps in

making the customers with outdated systems to feel concerned and touched as well as being

secured all the time. The systems include CCTV Camera‟s, Door Access Controls, Intruder

Alarm, Car Tracking System, Electric fence and gates and the list goes on.

ACCESS CONTROL This system increases safety and security to your buildings depending on your demand,

TheCompany offers a simple door access or a complex multi door system. We prefer to first do

the survey through which the report is generated to assistin planning as well as installing the

entire system; also we do the supplying of the required specific equipments(devices) and doing

the repairing, technical support and maintenance.


SGL provides a security Camera network which maximizes the safety level of our customers.

The system makes a wide range images from the compound around for all the time (24hrs) as

well as recording images them.

The use of security camera is considered as the best way of deterring the criminals from causing

damage to your property,keeping away intruders and even for checking activities of your

kids.We sell and service all types of cameras including with audio facilities, zooming (PTZ),

rotating and networking cameras using LAN and IP designed for Offices, Banks, Hotels, House,

Warehouse and any other environment.


Under intruder alarm system we detect intrusion against burglary for premises (Residential and

Commercial). Our system are in two categories wired and wireless systems with wireless

intruder alarm system kit,drilling the wall and hammering is avoided since the installation

process is often associated with hardwired systems. Alarm systems with complete various

motion detectors,remote control keypad and powerful control Panels that can simultaneously

function as controller,receiver,sounder and keypad in some systems that allow expansion.

SGL guarantees maximum security of your house,office,industries and other buildings,intruder

alarm system can detect and alert you if anything happens to your property even through GMS

network that allow our customer to control her/his system anywhere by using Smartphone or



SGL offers the service captioned above, this enables customer to manage and control his

properties within a surrounded environment, and nothing crosses the installed electric fence since

it acts as a barrier with electric shocks of high voltage which deters animals and people from

entering the building.


on avoiding man power and ensuring maximum security, we do advice our delighted customer to

use the automatic gates. SGL provides advanced features on monitoring the gates either from

inside or outside by opening and closing automatically using transducers or remote button. The

gate automates electrically despite its size, using a quality and liable controlling machines.


SGL wishes to put your vehicle‟s control on your hand;this is done by online application via

website through which customer views all movements (Which) includes vehicles report and live

tracking. After we install car tracking system on your vehicle you will able to monitor each and

every location of your Vehicles, Machines, Cranes Tractor 24/7 as well as seeing the fuel

consumption as per your requirement being daily, weekly or monthly report.

This system also reduces the theft risk because when stolen,it becomes easy to track and recover

it within a short period of time by using fleet management system.


This system ensures the safety of customer‟s properties from fire and other explosion, by

installing the fire alarm system enables to detect fire source or smoke and provide the alert. Once

fire is detected the control equipment alerts the operations through Sounders, Signalto our

Control Room and massage to Customer.

Fire suppression system is used to extinguish fire automatically; it is installed to the very

potential building like communication centers,hotels,airports,etc. We provide both services

basing to customers demand since our technical department is always ready for supporting and

responding to queries as prompted.


These machines facilitate the maximum security due to the current situation of terrorism

scandals, the company wishes to superimpose this technology for enriching the safety of

airport,hotels,malls etc. We do installation and monitoring of x-ray machines to scan

customer/passengers and their properties when entering the premises.


Metal detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of nearby metal. .These are

useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects,or metal objects buried

underground.The sensor indicates via tone when comes near a piece of metal.

SGL has got stationary ‟”walk through „‟metal detectors that used for security screening at

access points in hotels,courthouses,airports and other public areas with interest to detect

concealed metal weapons.


SGL intends to make your means of communication secured by installing Radio call system in

your organization,which includes offices,vehicles and elsewhere as it may comply your demand.

We supply,configure and repair all types of radio call systems so that you attain your money‟s

worth as well as enjoying the service.


➢ Institution fumigation / Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Clubs and Ports

➢ Grain Bin Fumigation

➢ Container Fumigation

➢ International standards for phytosanitory Measure ISPM

➢ Fumigation Import/Export

➢ In Transit Fumigation

➢ Methyc Bromide Fumigation

➢ Methyc Bromide Altenaltive

➢ Pallet Fumigation

➢ Structural Fumigation


➢ Office cleaning

➢ Floor Cleaning

➢ Carpet Cleaning

➢ Garden and Landscaping

➢ Flower and Free replacement

➢ Bathrooms and Kitchen Cleaning.

Supply and Maintenance of Security Equipment:

Security arms; Ammunition, Uniforms, Riot Gear and other items for security purposes


The key to SGL‟s success will undoubtedly be effective market segmentation through identification of several niche markets and implementation strategies. Hence, SGL key success factors include the following:

 Excellence in fulfilling the commitment

SGL intends to produce and provide security services of uncompromised quality to its clientele.

Effective and Efficient network presence

SGL has established an excellent network presence that will enable it to rapidly respond to the needs of its clientele base and is continuously exploiting unrealized areas.


To ensure quality services it is essential to utilize the latest and most efficient security systems technology. Keeping abreast with technological developments will ensure and maintain a competitive advantage.

 Loyalty and Dedication:

The progress and success of any organization lies in the loyalty and dedication of its employees. .SGL recognizes that to achieve this, the corporate commitment is core. Therefore, SGL targets to be the “Employer of Choice” in its industry.

Robust marketing strategies:

In an increasingly competitive market there is need to aggressively market security services so as to be continuously at the top of the minds of the existing and prospective clientele. SGL segments the market according to defined sectors, organization sizes, sensitivity of required security services.

Adherence to Stringent Values and Principles:

SGL acknowledges the fact that the financial and strategic management of the business will ultimately determine its outstanding success. Hence it intends to adhere to stringent values and principles.


The Company expects that its clients will fall into several categories, including but not limited to:

  • Banks and financial companies
  • Ministries and Departments
  • Mining‟s and Industries
  • Construction Sites
  • Retail Stores
  • Homes of extremely wealthy clients (from time to time)


  • In addition to the services out in the field, we have 24 hour control room support ensuring escalation procedures are performed ensuring our staffs safety. All the systems used are automated making SUMA JKT Security Service more proficient in providing second to none services to our customers.
  • We can also monitor CCTV remotely from our 24 hour control room, down to site to suspicious individuals in many incidents warning off criminal activity before it has even had a chance to begin. SUMA JKT Security Services is that complete security provider.


SUMAJKT Guard Ltd has acquired valuable experience in the sector and the material capacity to render services to a diverse clientele.

Over and above the contract requirements the company will offer the following value services:

Dedicated vehicles to a site for site manager, supervisor, shift deployment and patrols (number dependant on the size)

 We are not charging for a gun we provide it as a part of a uniform of a security guard.

We will conduct a comprehensive security survey, the report/results of which will be shared with the client.

 A dedicated operational management team focused on delivering operational results.

 Real time Supervising guard Patrol.

 The Company has a liability insurance cover of up to Tshs, 400 million currently which is adjustable in relation to the risks and per client requirement.

The Company has existing competencies in Physical Guarding Security, VIP Protection, Armed response, CCTV monitoring, installation of integrated electronic security systems (Statutory safety requirements, CCTV, asset monitoring etc).


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