SUMAJKT is among the quality maker of durable furniture in the country. We use home grown, high quality and durable wood to make our products, we guarantee high quality, long - term use, at affordable price. We own and operate  our workshop, some of a products we make are home and office furniture such as:-

  • Bed room furniture

  • Living room furniture

  • Dinning furniture

  • Outdoor furniture

  • School desks etc,

  • Office table and chair                  

We have served different government  departments, private companies and individuals.    



Tunatengeneza vitanda vya aina mbalimbali kwa mtindo wowote ambao utaupenda pamoja na dressing table




Makabati ya mitindo mbalimbali tunatengeneza









Vilevile tunatengeneza meza za chakula dining table kwa mitindo mbalimbali.



Sofa za kukali za aina mbalimbali kulingana  shape na aina vitambaa



Meza na viti vya ofisi pia tunatengeneza


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