Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Agriculture is one of the key investment areas of the corporation. The corporation own hundred of acre with richness in fertility. We grow cereals, vegetable, and various legumes. The National Services Corporation Sole (SUMAJKT) is endowed with vast land of more than 100,000 acres suitable for agriculture and livestock. Out of this land, only 13 percent is Read put under crop cultivation and livestock production. However this land is not single entity, but there are separate farm fileds in different regions of Tanzania mainland. Agriculture employs more than 75% of country's labor forces, contributes more than 20% to the GDP, and is the backbone of country's food security. SUMAJKT invests across the supply chain, from commercial farming to supply of tractors.
  • We are one of the biggest supplier of maize to National Food Reserve
  • We own 1.758 acres at Itende JKT Farm
  • We own 10,300 acres at JKT Mafinga Farm
  • We own 6.795 acres at JKT Maramba Farm
  • We own 433 acres at JKT Kanembwa Farm
  • We own 12,000 acres at JKT Makutupora Farm
  • We own 3,705 acres at JKT Bulombora Farm
  • We own 24,940 acres at JKT Mgambo Tanga Farm
  • We own 10,000 acres at JKT Misenye Farm
  • We own 20,278 acres at JKT Oljoro Farm
  • We own 5000 acres at JKT Ruvu Farm
  • We own 37,500 acres at JKT Chita Farm
  • We own 2,837 acres at JKT Nachingwea Farm
  • We own 250 acres at JKT Dege beach Farm
  • We own 600 acres Kihonda JKT Farm
  • We own 52 acres at Kisiju JKT Farm
SUMAJKT is also involved in livestock keeping. We own and rear a number of cattle chickens and goats. The company owns enough tracts of land that plans to grow into ranches, this will help to  breed  more livestock. with this a company plans to expand into the following:
  • Expand into processing
  • Expand into ranches and abattoir
  • Expand into export of meat with different packages
  • Expand into making dairy products





Ni moja ya mazao aina ya Mtama unalimwa na SUMAJKT

Hawa ni Kuku aina ya kuroiler ambao wanafugwa Ruvu JKT




Huu ni Ufufaji mpya wa samaki kwa kutumia mantanki ya maji, ni rahisi sana na wala hauna gharama, wasiliana nasi ili uanze  kufuga Samaki kwa kutumia njia hii.




Huu ni ufugaji mpya wa Samaki kwa kutumia vizimba vya maji unafanya na SUMAJKT ndani ya ziwa Victoria na Tanganyika

Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries


National Service Cooperation Sole
P.o Box 1694, Dar es salaam
Mobile Number:

0717 - 175830 - (Agriculture)
0655 - 718767 - (Livestock)
0624 - 138601 - (Fisheries)