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SUMAJKT is an investment corporation established in 1982 by the Public corporation
Act of 1974. The National Service Corporation Sole (SUMAJKT)
is an economical wing of Tanzania National Service
deals with the various activities.

This is an independent institution which is legally established under the corporation sole
(Establishment) Act No 23 of 1974 (Cap 119RE 2002) by the order of the
United Republic of Tanzania of 1982.

The corporation currently holds investments and projects in the areas of civil engineering
and construction, agriculture and livestock keeping security
services, quarrying, furniture making and supply of tractors
with multiple investment opportunities.

Corporation is governed by the board which ensures the investment corporation made
diligently, finances are well governed, and the corporation prospers.
This profile only gives a snapshot of the corporation activities
and more specific activities can be made
available to each project.


Mision and Vision





To be a giant reputable commercial
entity capable to support the

running cost of the
national service.


The establish and run profitable activities in the sector
of agriculture
engineering ,construction industries
and delivery service in
efficient, effective and
professional manner:


# Creativity.

# Integrity.

# Accountability.

# Efficience.

# Professionalism.



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